Method for Contactless Determination of the Height of A Fuel Assembly by Means of A 3-D Reconstruction of A Collinear Stereopair Images

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    A method for determining the head height of fuel assemblies in the reactor core of a nuclear power unit using a 3-D reconstruction of a stereopair of collinear images is considered. The method is based on the principle of statistical evaluation of the height of a set of points for a 3-D reconstruction of the contour of the head of the fuel assembly. To obtain a stereopair of images, it is suggested to use a collinear digital stereo-vision system. A model experiment was carried out. The results are compared with the known method for determining the height of the heads of fuel assemblies, based on an estimate of the height of the centers of gravity of the contours of fuel assembly heads. The proposed method shows a higher accuracy in solving the problem of determining the heights of fuel assembly heads in comparison with the known method.



  • Keywords

    Digital stereo vision system, 3-D reconstruction, measurement accuracy.

  • References

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DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.13.16323

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