Investigation on Processing of Real-Time Streaming Big Data

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    MapReduce is the most widely used for huge data processing and it is a part of the Hadoop big data and this will provide the quality and efficient results because of their processing functions. For the batch jobs, Hadoop is the proper and also there is inflated request for non-batch elements homogeneous interactive jobs, and high data currents. For this non-batch assignments, consider Hadoop is not useful and present situations are recommending to these new crises. In this paper, these are divided into two stages that are real-time processing, and stream processing of big data. For every stage, the models are deliberate, stability and diversity to Hadoop. For every group, we have provided the working systems and structures. For the creation of the new examples, some experiments are conducted to improve the new results belongs to available Hadoop-based solutions.    



  • Keywords

    MapReduce is the most widely used for huge data processing and it is a part of the Hadoop big data and this will provide the quality and efficient results because of their processing functions. For the batch jobs, Hadoop is the proper and also there is in

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