Information Trouncing Via Slightest Momentous Spot System Procedure


  • D Saravanan
  • N Sivaprasad
  • Dennis Joseph





Steganography, Audio Data, Encryption, Decryption, Stegno Audios


The least-significant-bit based approach is a popular type of stenographic algorithms in the spatial domain. However, we find that in most existing approaches, the choice of embedding positions within a cover audio mainly depends on a pseudorandom number generator without considering the relationship between the audio content itself and the size of the secret message. In this paper, we expand the least significant bit matching revisited audio stegnography and propose an edge adaptive scheme which can select the embedding regions according to the size of secret message and the difference between two consecutive pixels in the cover audio. For lower embedding rates, only sharper edge regions are used while keeping the other smoother regions as they are. When the embedding rate increases, more edge regions can be released adaptively for data hiding by adjusting just a few parameters. New scheme can enhance the security significantly compared with typical least significant bit-based approaches as well as their edge adaptive ones, such as pixel-value-differencing-based approaches, while preserving higher visual quality of stegno audios at the same time.




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