Sourcing’s Maneuver as Tool for Effective Restructuring of Industrial Enterprise


  • Il'nur I. Farkhoutdinov
  • Alekse G. Isavnin



Outsourcing, multisourcing, singlesourcing, insourcing, cosourcing, sourcing’s maneuver.


Today there is a mass of disputes on efficiency of application of production outsourcing, in particular it concerns the large Russian thought companies which serious problems on carrying out optimization of the enterprise face. Outsourcing, as well as strategy of absorption and merge, can as well as increase competitiveness of the enterprise, and lower it at illiterate application. For effective and safe application of models of sourcing, it is necessary to define strategy of this application taking into account specifics of a present situation in the company and possible risks. A question not in, whether managers use outsourcing or not, and in, whether they operate these relations and what criteria uses for decision-making. Therefore from restructuring of the enterprise by means of production outsourcing it is necessary to apply strategy of sourcing’s maneuver to achievement of positive effects.

Strategy of sourcing’s maneuver has to define efficiency of application of this or that model of sourcing taking into account specifics of the enterprise and the region, and also to create a number of consecutive actions of a regular data control models taking into account influence of various factors on the enterprise.

The purpose of this article – develop some models of sourcing’s maneuver as the instrument of restructuring of the industrial enterprises.




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