Findings of performance evaluation of EDM for different materials of electrodes and work pieces- a review

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    EDM (Spark erosion) is non-conventional machining process which uses as removing unwanted material by electrical spark erosion. EDM Machining parameters affecting to the performance and the industries goal is to produce high quality of product with less time consuming and cost. To achieve these goals, optimizing the machining parameters such as pulse on time, pulse off time, cutting speed, depth of cut, duty cycle, arc gap, voltage etc. The performance measure of EDM is calculated on the basis of Material Remove Rate(MRR), Tool Wear Rate(TWR), and Surface Roughness(SR).

    The main objective of present work is to investigate of the influence of input EDM (Electro Discharge Machining) parameters on machining characteristics like surface roughness and the effects of various EDM process parameters such as pulse on time, pulse off time, servo voltage, peak current, dielectric flow rate, on different process response parameters such as material removal rate (MRR), surface roughness (Ra), Kerf (width of Cut), tool wear ratio(TWR)and surface integrity factors. In this paper few selected research paper related to Die-sinker EDM with effect of MRR, TWR, surface roughness (SR) and work piece material have been discussed.




  • Keywords

    Electro Discharge Machining (EDM); Dielectric; Process Parameters; Performance Parameters; Material Removal Rate(MRR);Tool Wear Rate (TWR); Surface Roughness (SR).

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