Factors of Achieving Job Satisfaction in Learning Resources Centers' Environment in Saudi Arabia with Reference to Jeddah Governorate

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    This study aims to identify the factors of achieving job satisfaction in the environment of learning resource centers in Jeddah. This is because job satisfaction is of great importance in improving the performance of employees and their sense of belonging to the institutions in which they work and helping these institutions to improve their performance and achieve their goals. The researchers used the Descriptive research approach and the questionnaire as a tool for collecting data from the study sample represented by the specialists of learning resources centers in Jeddah. The study found that the personal aspects of responsibility for working in the learning resources centers, the feeling that working in these centers is the right action, And personal satisfaction at the center, have been the most important factors to achieve the functional satisfaction of work related to the content of the job. Creating an attractive environment for students within the learning resources centers, working in the learning resources centers helps to improve relationships with co-workers and to gain respect for school staff, are the most important factor in achieving job satisfaction related to the conditions surrounding the job.



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    Factors to achieve job satisfaction, Job satisfaction, Learning Resources, Learning Resource Centers

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