Rule based Hybrid Weighted Fuzzy Classifier for Tumor Data

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    Examination of gene based information has turned out to be so essential in biomedical industry for assurance of basic ailments. A fuzzy rule based classification is a standout amongst the most mainstream approaches utilized as a part of example arrangement issues. The fuzzy rule based classifier creates an arrangement of fuzzy if-then decides that empower exact non-straight order of information designs. In spite of the fact that there are different techniques to create fluffy if-then guidelines, the advancement of lead producing process is as yet an issue. Here, we introduce a half and half weighted fluffy order framework in which few fluffy if-then principles are chosen by methods for offering weights to preparing designs. Further, we utilize a genetic algorithm (GA) to streamline the classifier for quality articulation investigation



  • Keywords

    Data mining, classificaton, Bioinformatics, Fuzzy sytems ,genetic algorithms, weighted rule.

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