Topological Indices of Vitamin D3

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    Graph theory has provided chemists with a variety of useful tools, such as topological indices. A topological index Top(G) of a graph G is a number with the property that for every graph H isomorphic to G, Top(H) = Top(G). In this paper, we compute ABC index, ABC4 index, Randi´c connectivity index, Sum connectivity index, GA index , GA5 index, First Zagreb index, Second Zagreb index, First Multiple Zagreb index, Second Multiple Zagreb index, Augmented Zagreb index, Harmonic index and Hyper Zagreb index, First Zagreb polynomial, Second Zagreb polynomial, Third Zagreb polynomial, Forgotten polynomials, Forgotten topological index and Symmetric division index of vitamin D3.

  • Keywords

    ABC index, ABC4 index, Randi´c connectivity index, Sum connectivity index, GA index , GA5 index, First Zagreb index, Second Zagreb index, First Multiple Zagreb index, Second Multiple Zagreb index, Augmented Zagreb index, Harmonic index, Hyper Zagreb index

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