An Investigational Study on Cloud Security Model and Data Privacy Schemes

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    At present, cloud computing receiving more attention to the users as well as researchers. It is growing technology which showing more reliable development in the current processing world. It is increasingly popular by offering distinctive administrations like cloud facilitating, storage furthermore, servers and so on for various kinds of organizations as well as in scholastics. On the other hand, there are a few difficulties concerning distributed storage security and information protection. Security is as yet difficult in the distributed computing framework. Such difficulties incorporate loss of client's delicate information, spillage of information and revealing of clients mystery information. By considering these security and information protection issues inside the cloud foundation. This investigation for the most part audits the diverse security and protection difficulties, and arrangements. Additionally, this paper highlights the possible opportunities for storage security and data privacy in distributed computing environment



  • Keywords

    Cloud computing, Cloud security, Data privacy, Privacy preserving, Public auditing.

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