Parametric Study on Dynamic Instability of Fully Anisotropic Composite Plates

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    Laminated fibre reinforced composite can be subjected to periodic loading that can cause parametric instability in structures. This paper is to report on the parametric instability analysis of unsymmetric laminated composite plate. Using finite element method, the Mathieu-Hill equation that describes the parametric instability behavior of composite plate was derived based on the higher order shear deformation theory of composite and the equation was solved using the Bolotin’s method. Compared to similar symmetric composite, the anisotropic nature of the composite has caused the composite to be more unstable by shifting the instability region to the left while narrowing the region at the same time. However, the effects of parameters such as the orientation angle and the aspect ratio are similar to the effect of the same parameters on the parametric instability of symmetric composites.



  • Keywords

    Unsymmetric composite; Mathieu-Hill; Bolotin’s method; parametric instability

  • References

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