Software Development Team Competencies to Support Software Development Project Success

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    Software development projects have relatively low success rates compared to other projects. One of the causes is human factors, lack of competence from the development team. The competency of the existing development team cannot meet project needs. Therefore, this research has analyzed the list of competencies that have an important role in the software development team. The list of competencies analyzed was obtained from the results of the literature review and evaluations from 17 practitioners in software development. From the literature review, 57 competency elements were obtained in the context of software developers, which will be further evaluated. Based on the evaluation of the importance level and frequency from practitioners that mapped in the importance-frequency matrix, 24 competency elements include as a top priority (in maintaining or include (MI) quadrant) and 7 competency elements in possibly included (PI) quadrants. The results of this study are expected to be a reference for composing the right composition of the development team to achieve the success of the software development project.



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    Software Development, Software Developer, Competencies, people factor, software engineer

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