Strategic Plan Using Tsukamoto Fuzzy Model and VRIO THES Approaches

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    The advantage competitive is always being an issue to improve the capability of the institution even the higher education. So higher education needs to evaluate its capabilities in facing this issue so the higher education could determine its strategic plan. This paper aims at applying the Tsukamoto method in fuzzy logic to measure the implementation of a strategic plan that combined with the valuable, rareness, inimitability, and Organize (VRIO). The VRIO is an approaching that is capable to describe the competitive advantage significantly and the strategic plan in Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) is to obtain the ranking of the universities. The combination among fuzzy, VRIO framework, and THES is making a new concept in evaluating and arranging the strategic plan, especially in the university.



  • Keywords

    Fuzzy; THES; Tsukamoto; Strategic Plan; VRIO.

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