Biometrics Images Using Watermarking in an ICA

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    In this paper we use Digital watermarking for individuals all in all water stamping, customers of the substance are affirmed to perceive the watermark. It is the way of concealing the mystery information behind any two pictures. This paper contains procedure of DCT is the one of pressure method for concealing the pictures behind cover pictures and mystery picture and to expand the nature of the pictures of retina and fingerprint images determination utilizing MATLAB. The steganographic watermarking is the procedure, where content clients are uninformed of the nearness of watermark. The legitimacy procedure and controlled by a client and coordinated into a database give another measurement of security against extortion, distortion, and duplication. The Verification and security have been main problems perfect from the most punctual beginning stage of the PC age. As a result of moral programmers nowadays a vast gap in system security.


  • Keywords

    DCT, Fingerprint, ICA, Multimodal, Retina, Steganography, Watermark.

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