Implementation of Operand Decomposition and Carry Approximation for ECG Signal Denoising


  • Mr. T.R.Dinesh Kumar
  • Dr. KMohanasundaram
  • Dr. M.Anto Bennet
  • S. Kishore Kumar
  • M. Thangavel
  • M. Venkatesh



Multiply and Accumulate (MAC), Residue Number Algorithm (RNA), FIR filter, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), Computation Intensive Arithmetic Functions(CIAF), MATLAB, FPGA.


A novel RNA  based architecture  topology that resulted more effective than prefix topology. Here, A tendancy to  describe the stages in RNA prefix adders is divided and presents a modulo residue detection network that reduces error chances compared to previous approaches. Finally through FPGA based hardware synthesis performance is evaluated and latency variation is proved through exhaustive test bench simulation.  For high speed design we carried multiply and Accumulate (MAC) using proposed adder and inner products are calculated through sequent addition.




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