Virtual reality and augmented reality create fair education opportunities for refugee children in camps

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    In this article, it is reported about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, its impact on the technology world, and change it induced in the digital world. Virtual Reality is the next step in the evolution of technology, changing the face of technology, and whole new experience. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality changing people’s daily lives and serving the helpless beings on the planet. Hence, helping to improve the educational system, introducing an innovative and compulsive method of teaching, creating new opportunities for helping out the refugee children in refugee children with lesser resources and opportunities. Identifying the current problems in the educational system, virtual Reality, and augmented Reality, providing solutions for the pre-existing problems in the system. Use of VR and AR for students with fewer resources to increase their exposure to the world. Conducting Virtual Reality trips, VR education in refugee camps, and use of VR to reach out to children with no formal education. Use of VR for educational purposes for refugee children and teachers in Turkey, Germany, Syria, Jordan, and all over the globe. Future of VR and AR, its impact on the world in the coming years, providing a completely new experience and visualization of the digital world.




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    Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality; Refugee Camps; Refugee Children; VR Trips; Virtual World; Digital World; Education; Simulation; Simulated World.

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