A Systematic Literature Review on Security Challenges In A Hybrid Cloud Database

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    Cloud computing paved the way to many technical facilities for companies to develop their business needs in more effective and efficient manner. Combining private and public cloud into so called Hybrid cloud has made a positive leap in business by allowing applications and data to be shared among enterprises. However, many challenges and issues have arisen when adopting the hybrid cloud to manage, store and process data. The most critical one of these challenges is the security of the adopted Hybrid cloud. This research presented a comprehensive study about the security challenges in the Hybrid cloud computing as well as the suggested solutions. The study used a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) process to collect, review and summarize published articles from IEEE and Springer Nature databases and between 2020 and 2021. As a result, there were 7 eligible articles selected according to the search criteria and fully reviewed. The findings have revealed that there are four main challenges which are Data Security, Access Control, Privacy, Data Leakage and Cy- ber Attacks. Future studies should be conducted using different databases to have further investigation regarding the security in Hybrid clouds.

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    Cloud, Hybrid, Security, Systematic Literature Review, Privacy

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