Impact of Web Readability on Cultural Usability

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    Web is considered one of the greatest developments of twentieth century. It provides a diverse range of applications and therefore needs different usability designs. Web usability has become a vital aspect for the success of web applications. Web usability is about fulfilling the goals and expectations of users and making their stay on the website pleasant. Web usability design includes three aspects: User Research, Web Design and Web Evaluation [1].

    Today, the web design is moving from technology to users i.e. it is more user-centered than ever before. Web design must directly face users with the specific needs, and must ensure that users are pleasant to successfully complete tasks with it. [1].

    In this study, we have studied the factors which affect the web readability in this part of the world. We conducted the survey in order to check how different factors play their part for the people who speak languages which are written right to left




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DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v1i3.86

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