A study on cyber-crimes, threats, security and its emerging trends on latest technologies: influence on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  • Sivaram Rajeyyagari
  • Abdullah S. Alotaibi






Cybercrime, Cyber security, Cyber threats, Saudi Arabia, Social media


Now a day the human life penetrated with the technology, like in every moment of life such as shopping or financial transactions and more are using technology in its cyber space. At the same time, it has become very difficult to safe guard the information. The online crime or cybercrime increased along with the heavy usage and development of social media. In case of Saudi Arabia, the cyber-attacks increased because of regional conflicts and low-level awareness about cyber security, and also the perception of Saudi Arabia being extremely wealthy. This paper identifies the importance and impact of cybercrime according to the current situation and Study reports of past activities that have taken place in Saudi Arabia. In addition, described about the cyber security and its emerging trends and latest Technologies along with the policies planned and implemented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, the growth of Cyber Crimes becomes proportional to the technological advances. The present paper suggest the solutions to deal with the increasing online crimes in Saudi Arabia with few case studies and have been discussed some innovative suggestions for future cyber security.


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