Vol. 7 No. 4.36 (2018): Special Issue 36

Conference Name: International Conference on Engineering, Innovation technology & Applied Sciences,

Start date: 14 Nov 2018

End date:  15 Nov 2018

Country:  Russia


A.V. Ragutkin, Ph.D. In Technical sciences, vice-rector, MIREA - Russian Technological University

O.A. Kazachkova, Ph.D. in Philological sciences, Heard of Department of Foreign Languages, MIREA

I.Yu. Mamedova, Ph.D. In Technical sciences, Heard of Department of Computer Design, MIREA - Russian Technological University

M.A. Nazarenko, Ph.D. In Technical sciences, Heard of Department Quality Management and Certification, MIREA - Russian Technological University

V.A. Kukushkina, assistant professor of professorial chair "Design and artistic processing of materials" Federal State Institution of Higher Education, member of the Russia   Union of Designers- Lipetsk State Technical University

L.S. Abdullah, Lipetsk State Technical University

Website: http://www.iceitas.com/best regards

Published: 2018-12-01