SPC Journal of Education

Title: SPC Journal of Education
ISSN: Pending
Publication Frequency: Two issues per year

Vol 3, No 1 (2020)

Table of Contents


Impact of loans to farmers on rice production in funtua local government area katsina state, north west Nigeria

Yazid Lawal Ruma, Amedu Bernard, Aisha Lawal Rumah Pages: 1-7

Cooperation of internal and external audit

Gabriela Zabawa Pages: 8-10

Demystify the real time implementation of an aero pendulum with dSPACE to visualize and compare the results of PID and SMC

Ali Hassan Shah, Moazam Ali Siddiqui, Husnain Shahid Pages: 11-17

The theory of human capital as the basis of the economy of labor

Natalia Leputa Pages: 22-31

Perception of head teachers of primary schools about quality primary science teaching- learning (TL) practice in Bangladesh

Dr. A K M Obaydullah, Dr. K.A. Khan Pages: 18-21

Estimation of minimum wage in the aspect of preservation human capital

Jurij Renkas Pages: 36-41

Creative accounting - innovation or fraud?

Klaudia Okarma Pages: 32-35

Perception of students about primary science classes of GPS of Bangladesh

Dr. A K M Obaydullah Pages: 42-52

Competency based primary education curriculum of Bangladesh: SDG

A K M Obaydullah, Nusrat Jahan Pages: 53-59

Distance learning in higher education during coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak

M. Khalil, M. Afifi, W. El-Nahal Pages: 60-62

A flat-rate income tax on revenue recorded as an effective form of taxation on the economic activities of individuals

Sylwia Lucha Pages: 63-66

Financing of small and medium-sized enterprises on the example of bank loans

Gabriela Sambór Pages: 67-70

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