New mechanism for the cosmological red-shift explaining: non-observation of dark energy, large-number- coincidence and the cosmic coincidence


  • Hasmukh K. Tank Indian Space Research Organization





Cosmology, Cosmological Red-Shift, Dark-Energy, Large-Number-Coincidence, Cosmic-Coincidence.


Accepting Einstein’s General Relativity Theory, that the changes in the gravitational field can propagate at the speed of light, it is proposed here that: before an electron in an atom emits a photon, the energy (h f0) of the photon was a part of total energy of the atom; contributing to establish the gravitational-field around the atom. As soon as an electron in that atom emits a photon of energy h f0, and the photon starts moving away from the atom, the gravitational-field around the atom partly reduces, proportional to the photon’s energy h f0, and this wave of ‘reduced gravitational field’ propagates radially-outwards at the speed of light. And a part of energy of the photon gets spent in “filling†the ‘gravitational potential-well’ produced by its energy, when it was a part of energy of the atom. From the derivation presented here we find that the energy spent by the photon to “fill†the ‘gravitational potential-well’, during its inter-galactic journey manifests as the ‘cosmological red-shift’. And the so called ‘total-mass-of-the-universe'’ and ‘radius-of-the-universe'’ are just mathematically-equivalent mass and distance arising while converting electrostatic potential-energy into gravitational potential-energy. This is the reason why we find the large-number-coincidence (LNC). And since there is no expansion of the universe, there is no ‘cosmic coincidence’, that why only in this epoch we find the ‘large-number-coincidence’!


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